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Welcome to Dr Zak’s, the home of high protein functional and every day foods.

Our mission is to take a range of every day foods that people love, and enrich them with quality protein sources to help meet the challenges presented in our daily diets when training. We don’t launch any product into the market that is not worthy of our brand and taste as well as texture is key before we put our name on it.

Simple to write, not so simple to create, but at Dr Zak’s we set very high standards, as you would imagine having one of the most highly respected body builders and current  UKBFF Masters title holder behind the brand, Dr Zak Pallikaros.

After almost two years of hard work, we launched our flagship product, a high protein bread, into the UK market in May 2013 at Body Power. Our bread has now taken the sports and fitness sector by storm with many top athletes implementing the bread into their diets. Later that year saw the launch of our pasta and 2014 is looking very exciting with over eight new products due to launch.

All food we put our name to will be 100% Non GM and using Dr Zak’s protein blend, contain an exceptional amino acid profile that both amateur and professional athletes need. This ensures they not only taste great, but also help deliver your daily protein targets. And as our range grows, so will the convenience of having foods that you used to love but probably avoided, now available to you once again.

We hope you enjoy our food as much as we do and thank you for your support.


Dr Zak


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